Science Circus: Step Right Up! at The Mind Museum

First post of the year! Last Saturday, we finally got to visit The Mind Museum‘s latest exhibit, “Science Circus: Step Right Up!” It is their 5th traveling exhibition supported in part by Mastercard, Limkaco Industries, Uratex and Thompson Hardware and Lighting Center. The kids had so much fun and we vlogged it all for you! Watch the video above or on our channel. Don’t forget to comment, hit the like button if you enjoyed it and subscribe! <3 Here’s what you will find at the Science Circus: Ring One, or Deception Perception is a menagerie of exhibits that will prompt …

VLOG: The Forgotten Christmas VLOG of 2015

I actually filmed this vlog from December 23-26. But only a few clips made it to the final video because it got waaaaaay too long! This is so long as it is. I just had to cut it somewhere. Parang med-length movie na eh. Haha! I guess I made this for us to remember our holiday for the year and not for anyone to watch talaga. I mean, it’s toooo long! This vlog chronicles our holiday from Manila to Bulacan to Makati.

VLOG: Playtime with Jacob and Wacky | Kidzoona Robinson’s Galleria

Had an fun impromptu date with the whole family, so we ended up vlogging with Oscar’s Samsung S4. Sorry for the overwhelming background noise. There were A LOT of kids at Kidzoona Robinson’s Galleria that day, holiday season. I couldn’t edit the sound too much without compromising its quality. It was our first time at Kidzoona and we’ll definitely go back, though probably on a weekday, when all the kids are in school. Mommy Points Fun 5/5 Cleanliness 5/5 (basing this that there are no litter just laying around and there are staff everywhere) Value For Money 5/5  

VLOG: Our New VLOG Camera! Samsung NX Mini!

Ever since my Canon S110 gave up on us last November, we’ve been vlogging using my iPhone or Oscar’s Samsung S4 (which needs its battery replaced, btw) so the video quality has been… blah. That’s why we haven’t been vlogging too much, if at all. So when I saw this REALLY REALLY good deal one evening for a brand new Samsung NX Mini, I just had to get it pronto! The next morning, I met up with the seller agad. I didn’t want to waste time, baka may kumuha pa na iba! I only have about three reasons why I …

The Santiago Family VLOG Channel!

Okay, I can’t believe it took me THAT long to edit a super short vlog. But it did! It’s been a while since I edited something, so my brain was slowly refreshing its memory. I filmed last Monday, finished Tuesday, and uploaded Wednesday. It might have gone faster if we weren’t around the kids 24/7, but still no yaya for us. I hope you enjoy this first video in our channel. More of the boys next time promise! It was just boring old me in this one. ;D So here it is! The Santiago Family VLOG Channel!