Quick #SantiagoBros Update

Day 6 into my trip and I really haven’t blogged much compared to the amount of vlogging and editing I’ve been doing. I find it easier and faster for me to get my thoughts across through vlogging BUT I won’t stop blogging. Worry not. 😉 Anyway, It’s basically been all about me on the vlogs lately because our initial plan of Oscar sending me video clips of them at the end of the day is a fail because I brought with me the charge of the camera I left behind. Fail fail fail. And even though he can record videos …

VLOG: Playtime with Jacob and Wacky | Kidzoona Robinson’s Galleria

Had an fun impromptu date with the whole family, so we ended up vlogging with Oscar’s Samsung S4. Sorry for the overwhelming background noise. There were A LOT of kids at Kidzoona Robinson’s Galleria that day, holiday season. I couldn’t edit the sound too much without compromising its quality. It was our first time at Kidzoona and we’ll definitely go back, though probably on a weekday, when all the kids are in school. Mommy Points Fun 5/5 Cleanliness 5/5 (basing this that there are no litter just laying around and there are staff everywhere) Value For Money 5/5  


Hello 2015!

We are 8 days in and I had just found the time to sit down for a few minutes and write. I had just put down the boys for their afternoon nap, but knowing Wacky, he’ll be awake in a few minutes so let me make this quick! No, no resolutions for this Momma. My goal this year is to make things better in all aspects of our lives: faith, family, health, and wealth! I hope everyone’s holidays were fantastic! Ours was just spent mostly at home spending our much much needed quality time. You see, Oscar works for an …


#SantiagoBros & Post-Partum Tales

I’ve finally put up our birth story after 3 weeks! Forgive me for not writing a lot. Believe me, I have lots to kwento but I often choose to sleep with my newborn than sit in front of the computer because by the time I finish it would be time for him to nurse and ‘play’. While he’s really not much to interact with, I spend his awake times talking nonsense to him about his goofy Dad and super kulit Kuya. I also learned he likes massages, especially when I massage his legs. He’s a bit ticklish in his tummy …