Science Circus: Step Right Up! at The Mind Museum

First post of the year! Last Saturday, we finally got to visit The Mind Museum‘s latest exhibit, “Science Circus: Step Right Up!” It is their 5th traveling exhibition supported in part by Mastercard, Limkaco Industries, Uratex and Thompson Hardware and Lighting Center. The kids had so much fun and we vlogged it all for you! Watch the video above or on our channel. Don’t forget to comment, hit the like button if you enjoyed it and subscribe! <3 Here’s what you will find at the Science Circus: Ring One, or Deception Perception is a menagerie of exhibits that will prompt …


My last day in Sydney was spent trying to re-pack our luggage because they were way overweight! Bought two new luggage bags and unfortunately, got some last minute gifts for family that I forgot to get (even though I went to the mall so many times during this trip!). You will never guess that my husband is a One Directioner. Yeah. I know right?! Anyway, I saw a One Direction shirt at KMart that is sooo cheap I just had to get it. Now that Jacob likes One Direction too, everytime he sees my shirt, he says he likes it. …


Before I left for Sydney, we upgraded the laptop I use for work and editing videos to something that is more capable of doing all the heavy computer work. I knew I was going to do a lot of work even while on vacation, so I made sure to buy a cooler. But I didn’t get to buy one until my 7th day! From day 1 to 6, I’ve been using a normal electric fan to cool my laptop while it was rendering videos. Go with me as we went around shops in Sydney!


I finally got to go sight seeing on my 6th day in Sydney. We didn’t do much aside from strolling along Circular Quay and taking pictures with the Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge on the background. We had ice cream from Baskin’ Robbins on our way back from the Sydney Opera House to the train station on George Street. My cousin said I’m such an easy tourist to show around! Honestly, I’m not that much into going to every corner and touristy spot because I tend to just stick to what I came there to see. I was okay …

TRAVEL DIARY DAY 5: Mommy Chat Over Cereal

I wasn’t particularly feeling well that day, we were supposed to go to the city and see the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. My vlog can’t be a travel vlog if I’m not doing any traveling/sightseeing! But I had to rest that day, I’m pretty sure I mentioned why on the vlog. So I just spent today’s travel vlog talking about being away from home and other mommy feels.

TRAVEL DIARY DAY 3: Searching for Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

It wasn’t until late last year that I got really into the whole make-up thing. You see, I don’t really go out much since I am a work-at-home mom/stay-at-home mom so I didn’t know anything at all about make-up, not did I have anything else other than my Happy Skin SS Cream and my lippie, from Happy Skin too. I don’t know how I got sort of addicted to make-up, but I remember watching a lot of beauty vloggers and how they do simple looks for the day and thought I need to make myself more presentable somehow.  So it …

VLOG: The Forgotten Christmas VLOG of 2015

I actually filmed this vlog from December 23-26. But only a few clips made it to the final video because it got waaaaaay too long! This is so long as it is. I just had to cut it somewhere. Parang med-length movie na eh. Haha! I guess I made this for us to remember our holiday for the year and not for anyone to watch talaga. I mean, it’s toooo long! This vlog chronicles our holiday from Manila to Bulacan to Makati.