I have been waiting for this part of my trip ever since my visa got approved! It has been 7+ years since I last went to IKEA in Elizabeth, New Jersey. I don’t think I even had their famous Swedish Meatballs that last time. Weeks before my trip, I have been browsing through IKEA’s online catalog and listing down items in two categories: NEED and WANT. The stuff under NEED are most the things I’ve been itching to order from resellers in Manila, but they are priced almost twice there, so I haven’t gotten anything aside from the floor lamp …


I owe you, dear blog, some posts! But with my daily lakwatsa for the next couple of days, I just can’t sit down and write! Let’s start this properly. HELLO! THIS IS MY TRAVEL DIARY FOR MY FIRST EVER SYDNEY TRIP! YAY! 😀 I’m currently 3 days into my trip, I’ll be here for a total of 10 days. So far, I’ve been to IKEA and to a few shops at Stanhope Village Centre in Blacktown. A significant amount of damage to my budget has already been done with just those trips but they were exactly what I came for …

VLOG: The Forgotten Christmas VLOG of 2015

I actually filmed this vlog from December 23-26. But only a few clips made it to the final video because it got waaaaaay too long! This is so long as it is. I just had to cut it somewhere. Parang med-length movie na eh. Haha! I guess I made this for us to remember our holiday for the year and not for anyone to watch talaga. I mean, it’s toooo long! This vlog chronicles our holiday from Manila to Bulacan to Makati.

VLOG: Playtime with Jacob and Wacky | Kidzoona Robinson’s Galleria

Had an fun impromptu date with the whole family, so we ended up vlogging with Oscar’s Samsung S4. Sorry for the overwhelming background noise. There were A LOT of kids at Kidzoona Robinson’s Galleria that day, holiday season. I couldn’t edit the sound too much without compromising its quality. It was our first time at Kidzoona and we’ll definitely go back, though probably on a weekday, when all the kids are in school. Mommy Points Fun 5/5 Cleanliness 5/5 (basing this that there are no litter just laying around and there are staff everywhere) Value For Money 5/5