Mommy Roxi Turns 3 Today!

Mommy Roxi (well, Mr. Jacob’s Mom still!) turns 3 years old today! I can’t believe i have maintained, though not regularly at times, a blog for that long. Back in 2002 when I started blogging for fun, I would change blogs so often, you’d think it was changing underwear. And I was blogging about silly, crazy teenager in love problems then! Buti na lang nabura na! Anyhoo, I want to thank each and every one of you for your continuous support! Readers, fellow mommy bloggers, friends, and family. This blog has come a long way, and if I didn’t stop …


Giveaway: Celebrating with Red Ribbon Chocolate Dedication Cake

This year’s birthday feels different. Maybe because I’m semi-tired from baby care and I can barely plan an elaborate birthday celebration. I used to celebrate my birthday for one whole week. One whole week of eating, drinking, and merrymaking! Well since I’m still breastfeeding exclusively, I can’t enjoy a glass of wine just yet (which is terribly sad, because I miss it so, so much!), I’m just doing a simple dinner over the weekend. I’m not back in the kitchen just yet so our Moms will be doing the cooking and I’ll just buy cake (instead of Mom baking one) …

Sansfluo x Babypalooza giveaway pic

6th Babypalooza Bazaar x Sansfluo Giveaway

On it’s 6th installment, Babypalooza Bazaar is giving us Moms and Dads another opportunity to grab great deals on our favorite baby brands! Entrepreneurs and Mompreneurs alike come together to showcase their businesses, and not just only the brand-new stuff, but also pre-loved items for babies and pregnant mommies too! What I love about going to Babypalooza Bazaar is that the venue is air-conditioned so it’s not hassle to go around and shop to your hearts’ content talaga. Plus, they have a dedicated Babypalooza Family Room where your dear husband and kids can hang out while you shop around. There …

Babypalooza March 2014 flyer.

Babypalooza Bazaar x Supernaturale Giveaway

One of my favorite Mommy-Baby-Daddy event is coming up in less than 3 weeks: Babypalooza Bazaar! And with a second baby coming up, I have somewhat an excuse to shop (a little!) for baby stuff that we may already have but have to be replaced already. Like our bottle sterilizer. We’ve had it since Jacob was born for my breast pump accessories and his bottles. While it’s still working well, I am not liking the area where you put the water in already showing some rust. Other than that, I don’t have any specific items to buy just yet until …


Nikon Home Appliances Winners

My Nikon Home Appliance giveaway got around 47 entries, but only 24 were valid. Super sayang! A lot of them didn’t ‘Like’ my Facebook page, so I’m guessing they just joined because they saw it from a reader who shared it on Facebook/Twitter. A few surprisingly missed the most important part of the giveaway which was to post a photo on Nikon’s Facebook page naman. Anywhoo! I’m glad the winners followed instructions well! 😀 So congratulations and Merry Christmas to… Have a Merry Christmas with your family! 😀 Nikon will be contacting you regarding details on how to claim your …


Be A Tough Mama with Nikon Tough Mama Home Appliances

The kitchen is probably my second favoritest place at home because I love cooking. I love having friends over and whipping up dinner for them for no special reason. I’m yet to achieve Rachel Ray cooking level in the kitchen, but I’m slowly getting there! Oscar is pretty picky (though he may argue with you on this) with food and doesn’t appreciate Filipino cuisine too much, so this helps me in learning new recipes. Like me, my Mom loves to cook and bake. Oh how I wish our kitchen was better (bigger?) and completely equipped with the must-haves to make …

Mom and Me Fun Circuit November 16 and 17

If you haven’t joined our Mom and Me Fun Circuit ticket giveaway, you still have 4 days! Here are the final activities for the fun circuit on the 16th and 17th. I’m excited! Don’t forget to join this amazing and worthwhile giveaway! So many activities in one day! Like Mom and Me on Facebook. Click here to start earning entries!