Healthy Breakfasts with Nestlé Breakfast Cereals

My favorite meal of the day in our household would have to be breakfast! It’s easy to prepare, usually no preparing needed at all! Our breakfast meals choices would mostly include breakfast cereals with the occasional corned beef, bacon and hotdog. I think that’s pretty typical of any household to have right? But ultimately, I try to make breakfast easy for everyone by stocking up on breakfast cereal, particularly Koko Krunch! We looove, love, love, love Koko Krunch! I grew up with this breakfast cereal, I have it for lunch or dinner and even as a midnight snack when I’m pulling an all-nighter editing vlogs or writing for my blog.

Nestlé Philippines sent us a huge bag of our favorite cereals and gave us this guide on what a healthy breakfast look like.

Your breakfast should include whole grain

According to research, children and adults who regularly consume whole grains have better diet quality and higher intakes of important nutrients, including fiber, B Vitamins and minerals, such as Iron and Magnesium. Breakfast cereals provide up to 50% of our whole grain daily intake needs!

Aim to have at least 3 food groups in your meal

A good breakfast should include nutritious foods from at least three of the four main food groups. You can have your favorite Nestle Breakfast Cereal with milk and a fruit (or two!) to easily achieve this!

Add fruits for that splash of color in your breakfast

Your cereal bowl doesn’t have to be plain! Add fruits to your whole grain cereal to add extra vitamins and minerals in the most important meal of the day!

If you have school age kids and you’re rushing in the morning…

Choose a breakfast meal that is easy to prepare but still nutritious and yummy. Like I said, I opt for whole grain breakfast cereals from Nestle and milk. We have our bananas or apples or grapes afterwards to start our day right.

Nestlé suggests that we use skim milk with our cereal. Maybe I should do that! We’ve been using full-cream milk because it makes everything so good! They say semi-skim milk contains 2% fat and has the same nutritional value as whole milk. The fat portion of the whole milk does not contain calcium, so you can lose the fat without losing any calcium. (source: Gavin, M. L., 2013 July. Does Skim Milk Provide the Same Nutrients as Whole Milk)

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Mommies, what’s your go-to breakfast meal for your kids?Share your breakfast routine and let me know if you love Nestlé Breakfast Cereal as much as we do!

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    1. Mommy Roxi Post
      Mommy Roxi

      My youngest only eats Cornflakes (because of his allergies naman), but he loooves Koko Krunch too! He sneaks into our cabinet where the cereals are and would often get his hands on the Koko Krunch box!

  1. Janice

    We love Nestle Breakfast Cereals too. It’s a must-have in our house because the kids and I just love them. 🙂 But maybe we should switch to skim milk too! We’ve been using full cream milk too all this time.

    1. Mommy Roxi Post
    1. Mommy Roxi Post
      Mommy Roxi

      Oh I love silogs too! You made me crave! Kaso tamad ako mag chop-chop ng garlic, onion (for cornsilog!) and mag linis ng pans! Although I think doable siya with just one pan. Do the fried rice last siguro. 😀

  2. Jaycelle

    Waaa Koko Krunch is our favorite too!!! Recently since we have been so busy, we ear cereals almost every breakfast and yeah sometimes as midnight snacks too! Walang sawaan! Hahaha. We use whole milk too because it makes it creamier, mas masarap! 😋

  3. Liz A

    It’s been ages since I’ve had a stash of cereals in my house. I usually don’t eat breakfast and my son eats rice and veggies for his breakfast, too. But I do remember snacking on Koko Krunch when I was a kid. 🙂

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