What You Need To Know About Nasal Care

Growing up with a family of dentists sure has its perks. I can say that I’m very knowledgeable when it comes to dental hygiene because of my parents, brother and sisters. I would never hear the end of it until they see me brushing my teeth after meals and at night. There would be scare tactics done, but eventually, they didn’t have to do them because when I had my first toothache, I knew dental hygiene is a big deal. Much like anything else concerning our health, it’s really prevention that plays a big part in it all rather than trying to cure ourselves of something, which usually takes much more work if you ask me.


When it comes to learning about health care for the family, I’m always, always on board. So when Humer, a trusted French brand offering innovative and natural nasal care products, invited a bunch of fellow mommy bloggers, I knew I would be learning some important things on nasal care for the little ones. Honestly, I didn’t even give it much importance! I thought cleaning their nose when there are boogers peeking out was enough! Boy was I wrong.


At the launch, we learned about how nasal hygiene care should be given as much importance as we do with oral care. I asked the pediatrician at the event about neti pots. And she recommended to use a good nasal spray na lang. I’m actually intimidated with neti pots. Feeling ko malulunod ako!

Prevention and Nasal Hygiene

Nasal care is so important because having a regular hygiene routine would clear away excess secretions. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Whenever one of us suffer from colds or sinus infection, I always wonder if there is a way to get rid of the excess mucus. For the kids kasi, I just use a nasal aspirator when necessary.

You can try natural nasal spray like Humer, that was launched that day. It is made up of natural seawater. It’s rich in seawater’s marine elements and mineral salts because it’s non-diluted.

Humer Nasal Spray

Good Nasal Hygiene Keeps Allergies and Colds at Bay

For folks like us that are allergic to dust and are constantly exposed to other airborne particles and irritants (our home is right by the main street!), it’s important to use nasal sprays to clean our noses regularly. Because if we don’t, the allergens will just stay in our nasal passages and in turn, trigger our allergies for a longer period of time.

Plus, once our mucous membrane responds to viruses or germs, it will trigger more mucus production. When that happens, our nose would be stuffy and the viruses and germs can hide and stay longer as well.

So my take-away from the event, nasal care means a happy, healthy nose. We’d be able to give our body’s natural defence mechanism better chance to work efficiently.  If we give so much importance to oral hygiene, keeping our bodies clean, sanitizing our hands when we’re out, etc. We should also give our noses some TLC by cleaning it regularly.

Nasal Care with Humer

My good friend and fellow mommy blogger, Tina Rodriguez of Truly Rich and Blessed

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  1. Mia Foo

    wow, i didn’t even know there’s such a thing called nasal spray. how does that work? spray up our nostril and it will help to clear blockage? sounds kind of amazing.

  2. Patty | MrsC

    OMG dust is the enemy! I’m always coughing, sneezing and blowing my nose coz of my dust allergy. I just really don’t like using nasal sprays coz it feels so weird. But, alas, kailangan e. Will check this one out.

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