Things Jacob Says: July 9, 2016

I was putting the boys to sleep last night. It was after we said our prayers and we were just laying there in the dark. We turn off all the lights now for the boys’ bedtime. It helps keep Wacky from running around.

Jacob: Mom, I don’t want my heart to be broken.

Me: Who will break your heart?

Jacob: The world.

Me: **heart breaks** Well… Jacob, I don’t want your heart to get broken too. But some things and people in this world might and will break your heart and that will make you sad.

Jacob: Oh. 🙁

Me: But that’s okay. Just pray to God whenever you’re heart is broken or when you’re sad. He loves you and he will never break your heart. And remember that Mama and Daddy are always here for you when you’re sad. We’ll always try to make you feel better.

Jacob: Then my heart will get fixed na?

Me: Yes, slowly it will get fixed.

Jacob: Okay, thank you Mama.


World, I know someday my sons’ heart will get broken. By disappointments in school, work, friends, even family and soon enough, by a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. That’s okay. And it’s very much expected. That’s how they will learn and become stronger. But please, also show them the goodness in people and the brighter side of things so they can stand up, smile and try again.

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  1. Teresa

    It’s amusing what words come out of our children’s mouths. 🙂 They sometimes catch us off guard. I call these my kids’ quotable quotes! 😉

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