St. Luke’s Global City Maternity Room Rates 2016

A few weeks ago, I got a message on my Facebook Page from a reader asking about St. Luke’s Global City since I gave birth to Joaquin there. My experience seemed so long ago (almost 2 years!) so I felt like I didn’t have the right information to share with her. Luckily, I was heading to BGC that day for the CERELAC Media Launch so I decided to drop by St. Luke’s Global na rin. I also went in for a quick check-up with my dermatologist, Dra. Deanna Ramiscal, to schedule cauterization. More on that one later since I’m still in the process of healing and I’m documenting it for a vlog. So without furthe ado, here are the current room rates and amenities for maternity patients in St. Luke’s Global City:

Maternity Rates St. Luke's Global City 2016

To give you an idea how much it cost giving birth at St. Luke’s Global City na repeat CS, back in 2014 when I gave birth to Joaquin, our hospital bill amounted to around Php 190,000+ which includes my hospital bill and Joaquin’s. That amount is minus the Phil Health benefit na from Oscar. You can read our birth story here and here.

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