My last day in Sydney was spent trying to re-pack our luggage because they were way overweight! Bought two new luggage bags and unfortunately, got some last minute gifts for family that I forgot to get (even though I went to the mall so many times during this trip!). You will never guess that my husband is a One Directioner. Yeah. I know right?! Anyway, I saw a One Direction shirt at KMart that is sooo cheap I just had to get it. Now that Jacob likes One Direction too, everytime he sees my shirt, he says he likes it. 😀 Watch my travel vlog day 9 now!

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  1. Elizabeth O.

    That’s so surprising! I never would have guessed you husband to be a one directioner, lol. At least you were able to find a shirt for him. You were basically thinking of everyone else during your trip because you kept shopping for them! That’s so sweet.

  2. Leke Awonuga

    Trust your having a fab time in Sydney with your family. It does feels great getting shopping done with less price. I do appreciate that sometimes. Meanwhile, your lucky to have a One Direction shirt, that’s like a fortune to keep your memories of this trip fresh!

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