I have been waiting for this part of my trip ever since my visa got approved! It has been 7+ years since I last went to IKEA in Elizabeth, New Jersey. I don’t think I even had their famous Swedish Meatballs that last time. Weeks before my trip, I have been browsing through IKEA’s online catalog and listing down items in two categories: NEED and WANT. The stuff under NEED are most the things I’ve been itching to order from resellers in Manila, but they are priced almost twice there, so I haven’t gotten anything aside from the floor lamp I got from a groupon site. Stuff under WANT is mostly kids toys that I can maybe get in Manila and some knick knacks that are just nice to have when you need them. Anyway, you’ll see everything I got on my IKEA haul video that’s already up on our channel too. Go watch DAY 2 now!

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    1. Mommy Roxi Post
      Mommy Roxi

      I really don’t think it would be in the next 2-5 years? Retail giants, especially those that sell home furnishings just might block IKEA from entering at all. Imagine their sales going down and IKEA going up!

  1. Elizabeth O.

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun there! I hear a lot of “Oh my god” haha, that’s just plain adorable. I would die in IKEA heaven too.

  2. Arisa

    Looks like you had so much fun in Ikea, then one in my country is relatively small and tons of stuff not available here sadly. Makes me want to visit the one in Jersey too!

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