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Day 6 into my trip and I really haven’t blogged much compared to the amount of vlogging and editing I’ve been doing. I find it easier and faster for me to get my thoughts across through vlogging BUT I won’t stop blogging. Worry not. 😉 Anyway, It’s basically been all about me on the vlogs lately because our initial plan of Oscar sending me video clips of them at the end of the day is a fail because I brought with me the charge of the camera I left behind. Fail fail fail. And even though he can record videos on his lame Samsung phone, he is having a hard time downloading/transferring the videos because every since he had the phone open-lined in Greenhills, it doesn’t connect on the computer the same way anymore. He has to connect his phone through a Cloud host thing then download each file through that. Waste of time since download speed at home is not top notch. Anyway, they’re doing well despite the pest problem we have at home. For some reason, after I left, things went downhill for them there in terms of sanitation. Oscar started getting bites from bed bugs, Jacob too. The only people being spared from this ordeal (as far as I know) is Wacky and my Mom and Dad. As I write this, there are pest control people over doing I don’t know what. I am itching (no pun intended!) to get home and clean the house!!! Oscar sent me photos of junk we have in our sort of basement and it. is. killing. me. They have temporarily moved from our house to his parent’s place in Makati while the house is bombed with chemicals. I already have my plate full when I get back. So I am really going to cherish these last few days that I have here not having any parental/wifely duties!

We don’t get to chat or talk much over Skype because every time we try to, the kids get the phone or I can only hear screaming. Hahaha! But they do send me cute photos every now and then. I was talking to Jacob a few hours ago and he was doing his homeschool stuff. Thank goodness they’re doing homeschool even while I’m away. He’s still learning phonics and reading, but we’re in no rush. What we found he’s good in is actually in numbers! NUMBERS!!! I can’t believe it because I’m dumb AF when it comes to anything with numbers! We didn’t know he knew math until one day Oscar brought out the flash cards for fun and Jacob added numbers in his head. Oscar told me he’s good at addition and subtraction now. I’m so proud of Jacob! He’s learning how to read time too! I remember learning how to read analog clocks when I was already around 10 years old already. I plan on getting him his own watch if I find a good analog watch here, most of them are digital now. For now I’ve been lending him one of my old watches with big numbers. Maybe it’s time that I start wearing watches again. I found a couple of watches online at Zalora. Maybe you want to add a stylish and trendy Casio watch to your collection of accessories too! Watches here are hella expensive at $20aud for a digital watch. All kids watches are digital too. I remember my first watch being a Baby G one in purple! My mom got it for me in Hong Kong. Should’ve kept that one safe.

Oscar sent me this cute photo of Wacky the other day. He really loves his binkies! I’ve been struggling to find him new ones here. His binkies are not the usual ones you can find at the store.


He’s also been taking Jacob when he goes out for jiu-jitsu training. Like us on Facebook! The Santiago Family!



Anyway, I don’t know how much I’ll be able to talk to Oscar and the boys now since the wi-fi signal in the room they’ll be staying in is quite weak. Oscar and I barely talk alone (because of the screaming kids in the background!) so I’ve been demanding some chat time with him when the boys are asleep. It’s just like when we were still boyfriends/girlfriends! Only this time, I know I’m coming home to him and our kids. Aaaahhhh my heart! 🙂

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    1. Mommy Roxi Post
  1. Elizabeth O.

    You have a lot on your plate, indeed. I hope everything goes well when you get home. For now just enjoy the remainder of your days there!

    1. Mommy Roxi Post
    1. Mommy Roxi Post
  2. ARISA

    I am pretty sure that no matter where or how far you guys are from each other, you’ll always have each other in thoughts and hearts. A lovely family you have there 🙂

  3. R U S S

    For some reason, I’m still hesitant about these open-line services, especially in Greenhills. I never trust the guys there. Lol. I bought a phone in GH before and they said it was brand new. The phone stopped working after a few days, turns out it was a stolen phone.

    BTW, that’s a cute photo of the Jiu-Jitsu training. Start ’em young, diba? 🙂
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  4. Amanda Love

    That has happened to me a few times. I’ve gone out and totally forgot to put the memory card or even the battery in my camera after I’ve put it to charge. Things can only get better. 🙂

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