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Loving The Burgers at Teddy’s Bigger Burgers

I’m very picky when it comes to burgers so I only really order burgers from restaurants that I’ve had tried before. I like my burgers to taste sort of home-made, fresh not prepped frozen patties, and without any form of extenders. So yung mga burgers sa fastfood restaurants and even with popular restos wo don’t specialize in burgers, I don’t order. Jollibee’s Yum w/ Cheese burger somehow is an exception for me. Their burger sauce of mayo and whatever else hits a nice spot in my nostalgic self, so that I eat when I need to buy on the road. But otherwise, I only go to burger joints who makes ’em fresh daily.

How happy am I that we got introduced to Teddy’s Bigger Burger, Hawaii’s #1 Burger Chain, last Saturday! Their burgers are oil-free, char-broiled to the perfect doneness you prefer. When I make burgers at home, I put little to no oil when I grill them. Pero even with a non-stick pan, you still need to put a little bit of oil para hindi masunog. But I like pa naman the toasted/mild burnt taste fresh burgers have. Teddy’s burgers have that taste! That home-made, charred taste that I look for in burgers. I took the whole family with me to taste their delicious burgers too!

Teddy's Bigger Burgers Manila

You can choose from their huge set of burgers! Since I’m such a plain Jane and I still can’t eat cheese, I got their Classic burger which had lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles and their special sauce. Oscar, my sister-in-law, and our helper ordered their Cheeseburger. Jacob had chicken nuggets and fries. You can upgrade your order of burgers to a combo meal and you’ll get Teddy’s extra crispy fries and a drink (soda or juice). I love their lemonade! 🙂

Teddy's Cheeseburger that they enjoyed!

Teddy’s Cheeseburger that they enjoyed!

Teddy's Classic Burger -- simple but so delicious and juicy!

Teddy’s Classic Burger — simple but so delicious and juicy!

Jacob finishing off his nuggets and fries!

Jacob finishing off his nuggets and fries!

I would’ve loved to order their special Bae-con Me Crazy Burger but I can’t! This burger is overloaded with bacon, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, grilled onions and truffle honey. Teddy's Bigger Burger Menu

We also got a vanilla and chocolate shake. It smelled to creamy and milky! I couldn’t have that too. 🙁

Teddy’s Bigger Burgers comes in 5 oz (Big), 7 oz (Bigger), 9 oz (Biggest) and Monster Double (double patty) patties! I only had the 5 oz one ah and I got so full! The price starts at P158.00, very affordable especially when you’re getting 100% USD Ground Chuck Patty. Teddy’s definitely made the list of my favorite places to go to for burgers! I only have 4 to date!

Go and check out Teddy’s Bigger Burgers at Level 6, Shangri-La Plaza Mall and Level 3 Greenbelt 3. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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