Mommy Roxi Turns 3 Today!

Mommy Roxi (well, Mr. Jacob’s Mom still!) turns 3 years old today! I can’t believe i have maintained, though not regularly at times, a blog for that long. Back in 2002 when I started blogging for fun, I would change blogs so often, you’d think it was changing underwear. And I was blogging about silly, crazy teenager in love problems then! Buti na lang nabura na! Anyhoo, I want to thank each and every one of you for your continuous support! Readers, fellow mommy bloggers, friends, and family. This blog has come a long way, and if I didn’t stop blogging for a while there when I was pregnant and after delivery, who knows what doors it could have opened! But 2015 has just started and I am very excited for what this year will bring. So many milestones of the littlest one to share with you, and the most awaited 1st birthday! As my way of saying thanks, I’m doing a giveaway today! My first giveaway of the year!

I’m opening this giveaway to Mommies lang because of the prizes. I’m hoping a real reader will win, not yung mga professional giveaway joiners! And I’m pretty familiar with my readers who actually comment and interacts with me on Facebook. 😛

Here’s what the winner will get:

Anniversary Giveaway

  • 1 Tutu Dress that will fit a 1 year old
  • P200 Red Ribbon Gift Certificate
  • Lotus Biscoff Creamy Cookie Spread
  • Lactacyd Toddlertubs Bath Wash (2 bottles)
  • Mustela Stelatopia (Lipid Replenishing Balm & Cleansing Cream), Soothing Comfort Balm, Dermo-Cleansing, Massage Oil samples.
  • 6pcs Child Safety Catches
  • Baby Care Plus Calming Baby Bath and Powder
  • Bear Handsanitizer




Plus, some treats from my new business venture, Let’s Bake Manila!

  • 2 boxes of French Macarons (in our premium flavor, Nutella)
French Macarons by Let's Bake Manila

French Macarons by Let’s Bake Manila

This giveaway is open to all Mommies residing in Metro Manila. Winner will be announced via Facebook and Instagram so obviously, if you’re a dear reader, you ought to be following me there already! Prizes must be picked up only in Vmall, Greenhills. I’ll personally hand you your prizes! Yay! I’ll make this easy, but I have to make sure that you’re really a reader in some ways. 🙂

Good luck everyone!
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  1. Rain Gatdula

    Jacob birthdate is May 23rd and Joaquin is september
    Articles about motherhood and parenting! It gives me tips/advice especially may kiddo na dito sa bahay he’s 4mos na by the way! 🙂

  2. Glenda Candedeir

    The child birth story of your babies, It really made me feel the hardships of my mom when she had her D-DAY for 3 of us. Now I understand how hard it was during the D-Day. I’ll be soon checking your blog again for these more motherhood tips (though I’m not preggy right now). I think by reading your blog, more women could be educated especially during motherhood.

    Jacob – May
    Joaquin – September

    Glenda Candedeir

  3. hanna espiritu

    I like the “Wearing Maternity Clothing at Functions and Events” article you wrote because It really helps me. I am having a hard time searching what clothes to wear during my pregnancy since it was a first baby I had no idea what to wear Then i saw your blog this helps me a lot on choosing the right dress to wear during pregnancy, thanks Ms. Roxi

    Name : Hanna Espiritu
    Email: hannaespiritu08@gmail.com

  4. Ma. Clarice Lao - Itumay

    Happy Anniversary, Mommy Roxi!

    My favorite post is about organizing your photos. I love it because i followed your idea.

    I think their birth months are August and May. Not so sure about joaquin’s. I think he was born August 31st or early September.

    Ma. Clarice Lao – Itumay

  5. Karina Alvaera

    Karina Servanez Alvaera

    Jacob’s birthmonth is May, Joaquin’s is August.
    I liked reading the birth stories of your children. I myself had a CS delivery at SLMC QC last 2013. 🙂

  6. monica

    The post I liked on your blog is about Peninsula Manila 🙂 I just like the hotel and all ♥
    Jacob’s birth month is May and Joaquin’s birth month is September

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