Our 2013 Birthdays

Before every birthday, I’d post that I would write about the preparation and the party afterwards. But I always end up not doing so for various reasons: a) I got too tired during the party preps; b) I got too drunk on wine that my mind doesn’t want to do any thinking let alone sentence composition for a day or two; and c) After I recover from the party, I would already have too much on my plate that I put it on hold…. forever. Let’s just do a quick recap of our little family’s birthdays this year since I missed blogging about mine and Oscar’s. I usually do a recap of the year with places we’ve visited and hotels we checked in too. I think we toned it down this year, we haven’t been anywhere I think! We’ve become home buddies ;p So here’s our 2013 birthdays!

Jacob’s 2nd birthday was celebrated at Astoria Plaza in Ortigas with a 3D/2N stay in a 2 bedroom suite. We checked in the night before his actual birthday and had a sleepover for the first time ever with my little sister-in-law. Before dinner, we all went to Kidsville in Podium and just ordered food to eat at the hotel.

Photo 5-25-13, 3 09 13 PM

The day of his birthday, we had our closest friends and family over for some afternoon get together.

Photo 5-25-13, 5 19 10 PM

If you know me well, I usually celebrate my birthday for a whole week. If budget permits, I’d usually celebrate until the end of the month. I love my birthday! For the past 2 years, I’ve been celebrating my birthday together with a co-birthday celebrant who is a good friend of ours and also Jacob’s godfather. We had dinner at Vikings Luxury Buffet in Marikina.


The weekend of my birthday, I had close friends over for dinner, Mojitos, wine, champagne, and all-night karaoke.



Oscar’s birthday was just last week and we had a simple party at home with a few of our friends.


I’m pretty happy with the outcome even with such a small party. It’s a bit more intimate if you ask me. No bullshit. Just good conversation and fun (and beer and wine!). We played Pictionary where I got really competitive and got a pretty big dash on the side of my foot for having trampled over the white board. I was the only one drinking wine and I had consumed almost two bottles by myself.


The morning after, we went fishing and caught a few small ones that are okay to eat. But we didn’t have time to grill them. Next time!



That’s it! I’ve been thinking if Jacob would still have a 3rd year celebration. I want to go all out on his 7th Birthday kasi. We’ll see! You know me, I do parties last minute.

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How did you celebrate your birthday/your family’s birthdays this year?

Share your thoughts below!

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    1. Mr. Jacob's Mom Post
  1. Lolo

    We really didn’t have big bdays this year. Fiona had her first communion and all our budget went thereโ€ฆ plus the big 40 & 10 are coming next year, so hurray!!!Hope you have a Very Merry Christmas & a HAppy New Year

    1. Mr. Jacob's Mom Post
    1. Mr. Jacob's Mom Post
    1. Mr. Jacob's Mom Post

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