Mommy Monday: 2nd Birthday Prepartions

We’ve started planning for Jacob’s 2nd Birthday earlier this month. Having chosen our theme for this year, Blue’s Clues, his new favorite show. I thought we’d be doing The Backyardigans for his 2nd Birthday, but he’s gone more attached to Steve and Blue. We’re still working on the first season so we don’t know the new guy yet. I actually grew up watching Blue’s Clues with my first nephew, so I prefer Steve!

Oscar didn’t want to have a big party or even have a celebration at all, but I just can’t have it! I grew up celebrating almost everything. I’ve been having birthday parties ever since I can remember. It’s my most favorite thing to look forward to every year, next to Christmas. Well, we’re not really having a big bash. Actually we’re having a pretty small party! For one, we don’t have many friends who have kids (we’re still in our early 20s!) so having the whole children’s party thing is out the window. So we’ll be having like 3-4 kids (walking and talking ones) and a few babies and that’s it! It works out well for me because I don’t think I’m ready to take on a big party project right now.

I’ve exerted all efforts for Oscar’s 25th Birthday last year and we didn’t even have that much guests! Not that I won’t be putting efforts in Jacob’s 2nd Birthday, I’ll be taming it down a little to save my sanity and money! 😀

Remember the buffet spread I slaved for?!



We got the cake design and giveaways set and taken care of by Niji Desserts! I’ve been ordering from Clarissa, the owner and baker, since 2008 and have loved her ever since! I ordered so many cupcakes from her, even for my 21st birthday (21 Hello Kitty cupcakes!). We wanted her to make our wedding cake too but she wasn’t available that time. Hence, she can’t escape Jacob’s 2nd Birthday now!

Sorry for the blurry photo!

Check out her website or Facebook page because she makes DELICIOUS desserts, you can’t even imagine it. Her fondant creations, LOVELY! And they taste so good too, unlike others na hindi yummy ang fondant.

I originally wanted to make a blue’s clues tarpaulin banner as the backdrop of the buffet table, but I remembered that it’s election season and they must be packed with campaign orders. Soooo… with the help of my little sis-in-law, I plan on making a big Thinking Chair as center image and just red balloons on the side just like the photo below. I wish I can be resourceful and be able to do the other things there. But I’m just not good at finding things or going to Divisoria! LOL!

Taken from Goosie Girl

We’re having an afternoon affair so I don’t need to cook much. I’ve narrowed it down to having pasta, pizza and burger. For dessert, I’m going to try and bake cupcakes without burning them. LOL! I don’t know if I’ll be setting up a dessert table yet so you’ll have to stay tuned until the party is over to find out! 😀

Just a low-key afternoon, coloring, eating sweets, and watching Blue’s Clues! 😀



How did you spend your child’s 2nd Birthday?

Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Apple

    My lil one had her 2nd bday party in McDo….talk about being prepared. Not. Haha…seriously, im looking forward to her 7th. I think thats when i’ll exert more effort 🙂

  2. serene shikukeza

    We went to a nearby resort and let him swim all day long. I asked my fried to make him a car themed cake (his fave). Haven’t thought of what to do on his 3rd bdy yet.

    Advance happy birthday to your little boy. 🙂

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