The Linden Suites: Executive and Regular 3-BR Suites

I want to show the difference between an Executive 3-Bedroom Suite and a regular 3-Bedroom Suite at The Linden Suites for those who are planning to stay at The Linden Suites or for those scouting the next venue for small parties.

Thankfully, my best friend also booked a 3-Bedroom Suite for her birthday so I was anxious to see if we got the same layout of the suite. I did forgot to tell her to get the Executive type one because it was their biggest 3-Bedroom so she got a regular suite.

Two Differences:

1. Number of Rooms

The Executive 3-Bedroom Suite actually has 4 rooms. An extra room that stands as an office.

See that room there? That’s the office.

The regular 3-Bedroom Suite has 3 rooms, so the space that office stands in the Executive Suite, is open as part of the living room. It makes the place much much bigger!

There are two couches now and a big coffee table.
Area where the ‘office’ was.

2. Kitchen Space

The kitchen she got was probably 1/3 of the size of the kitchen at the Executive Suite. It didn’t have a laundry area, cabinets after cabinets of storage space, and the extra exit door from the suite.

Regular 3-Bedroom Suite kitchen
Executive 3-Bedroom Suite kitchen
So much storage space!
More storage space around the fridge

Other than those two, they’re all the same. The master’s bedroom, one single bedroom, one double bedroom, and two full baths.

I’d love to stay at The Linden Suites again. They have an on-going deal over at Ensogo for an overnight stay at their two-bedroom suites. Too bad you can’t use it on Fridays and Saturdays.

What is the most important feature/amenity for you when staying at a hotel?
Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Nova Cruz | The Family Woman

    The Executive 3-Bedroom Suite kitchen looks exactly like my MIL’s kitchen.

    Re: Question

    What I love about any hotel room is the ambiance and of course the comfortable bed. But we’re a thrift traveler, so I can be a cowgirl, the cheaper the better hehe…

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